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 Subject :Record Mesh Status Page???.. 2015-02-21- 14:44:36 
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Is there a program (or something) that can periodically record the Mesh Status Page information?

I would like to monitor over a period of time just how the LQ of "Current Neighbors" goes up and down.

Especially if we have fog, rain, high winds, etc.

Thanks much.

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 Subject :Re:Record Mesh Status Page???.. 2015-02-21- 18:43:58 
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How about wget in a loop?
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 Subject :Re:Record Mesh Status Page???.. 2015-02-21- 18:46:34 
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No program that I know of. But you can easily script something to make a remote connection and make a local copy of a status screen at regular intervals.

Two key components will be a time based job scheduler called cron. And you can use Lynx a command-line text based web browser to perform a screen dump.

Another option is to use an expect script that makes hourly ssh connects and issues the iwconfig command, etc.

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 Subject :Re:Record Mesh Status Page???.. 2015-02-21- 21:34:21 
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You could use the following line with a loop in a script  or have 'cron' run it directly:

(date; echo '/links' | nc mesh_node 2006 | sed -e '1,5d') >> /tmp/stat.dat

Port 2006 is listened to by 'olsrd' and has some tidbits of info.   Change '/links' to '/all' and run manually to see what is available.   The stat.dat file can later be processed by 'awk' or whatever to extract the data desired. The data captured here is from the same source the mesh status page displays.


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