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 Subject :Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resource.. 2015-02-13- 02:59:02 
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Thanks to the patience of a fellow netizen I have been bestowed the privilege of tunneling into resources far beyond the confines of my almost barren County...

Once the link came up - I was now tickled to find all sorts of people out there running stuff on the mesh like me!  I will admit, being an old ATV junkie, the cams appealed to me.  (Yes, sometimes I get THAT bored!)  After watching one guys fish tank cam for a few minutes I came to the conclusion he needed LOTS more fish in the tank to make it interesting...

I hear rumors that there is a GumbyCam out there somewhere...

But I also noticed a problem...  A few problems actually...  And it sort of comes back to "Standards & Practices"...

I notice a lot of people not being very creative or UNIQUE about their resource names.  How many Rasberry Pi's can you have on one network?  How many "asterisk" nodes can you have before it becomes awfully confusing for people?  How man "cam1" entries can you have?

I notice a need for people to preface their node resources witht heir call or at least the last few letters of it to make "cam1" or "aircam" into something like "N5MBM-TowerCam1".  It would make it easier for some guy in Germany to know what he is looking at on my nodes...  No webpage needed to figure out in the glance of an eye what he is about to click on...

"ChickenCoopCam1" is pretty unique - but there might be one in Montana some day...  "N5MBM-LiveNudeChicks" may get a LOT more hits though...  Just sayin'...

And while I am on the subject of cams - those IP cams you have to log IN to...  I think a proposed standard of what the guys in the Waco area seemed to do.  They have a "visitor" user name of "view" with a password of "view".  And it is pretty standard - if we make that a standard and a practice, everyone will know how to see the live nude chicks on my farm out here in the middle of blue bell ice cream cow territory...  We eat all we can and sell the rejects to all of you people...  But they won't put that in their commercials...

I now have a "view" user account on all my cameras...  Even the 24/7/365 ShackCam hanging off of my mesh routers on

What do you guys think?

Bill - N5MBM

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 Subject :Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resou.. 2015-02-13- 03:56:28 
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Absolutely a good practice. Just prefix your callsign to your DHCP reservations. ie. K5DLQ-mapserver.

(and on a side note... I really wish FOSCAM would support non-windows plugins.... I have to fire up an WinXP VM in VMWare on my Mac because of these guys lack of support. The Ubiquiti AirCam's work out of the box. rant_over)

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Darryl - K5DLQ
 Subject :Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resou.. 2015-02-13- 05:50:34 
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I did a little poking around and I haven't found any document, FAQ or whatever talking about standards and practices for this kind of stuff...

Is there something out there that I missed?!?

Just wondering...  The Internet searches I tried turned up with nada...

Bill - N5MBM

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 Subject :Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resou.. 2015-02-13- 06:52:09 
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Hi Bill,

There's a clear need for this.  I'll discuss with the team and see if we can't get that posted.


Andre, K6AH

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 Subject :Re:Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and re.. 2015-02-13- 07:14:45 
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Subject :Re:Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resources


I'm not aware of any standard practices yet. I agree with Darryl, prefix all advertised services with your callsign at minimum to avoid collisions. Combine in hostname descriptive text of what it is:

AE6XE-voip1         <ip address>x1010   <- direct IP dial and local PBX extension #

AE6XE-VideoVoip2   <ip_address>x1011 <- it's a video voip phone!

AE6XE-cam3  view_view <- user_passsword to access

Note that nearly all of the ipCams support streaming video, including the foscam--viewable on linux, windows, android, etc. platforms. No pan-tilt action, however. I install VLC and use a play list like below (save to ".pls" suffix file). Open with VLC, then click the "next song" button and move from cam to cam on the mesh (or even plug into your favorite multi-cam-view security monitoring program):

[playlist] NumberOfEntries=


Title1=AE6XE-10 MtnCam


Title2=AE6XE-11 SolarCam


Title3=AE6XE-gateway FishCam


Title4=KE6BXT Mission Veijo City Hall AirCam

File5=rtsp://view:view@aircam:554/live/ch00_0 Title5=WU2S-14 AirCam


Title6=WA2KWR-22 FosCam

Bill, I recently came into possession of a 120 gal salt water fish tank. Getting everything conditioned and just ready now to start adding fish and growing up a reef--it's a patience building exercise--weeks and months. So keep coming back to watch it grow (and hopefully I won't kill everything off). I'll probably add Nemo this weekend after I trek up to survey a new mtn top mesh node site.

My wife just put in a little Chicken Coop in our backyard in metropolitan Orange County, CA. Surprisingly, the ordinances allow 2 chickens on our 5000 sq ft lot with sardine housing. Only somehow she came home with 2 rabbits with the chicken coop. She reminded me of the Easter bunny when I asked if she was aware that rabbits don't lay eggs :) .

Now I may have to put in both a chickCam and rabbitCam.


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 Subject :Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resou.. 2015-04-06- 06:59:47 
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Our network is growing steadily and I'm looking at defining a naming convention for nodes.  I haven't yet located any technical document defining limitations e.g. max length, allowed punctuation etc. Does such a document exist ?


Bernie GM4WZG

Forth Estuary Experimental Data Network

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 Subject :Re:Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and re.. 2015-04-06- 20:42:37 
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Subject :Re:Re:Discussion: Standards & Practices - Naming your nodes and resources


    We have not defined, per se, a naming convention.  Certainly having your callsign in the hostname will make it unique to you.   We do like to suggest something along the lines of callsign-func-number (e.g. 'ae5ae-tunnel-1'  or 'ae5ae-camera-42').  This may vary with the group or groups you mesh with..   Since most everything can be done with point and click on the web interface name lengths don't have to be extremely short.  Using hostnames like 'camera1' are likely to be duplicated when meshing at an event and cause problems.   On the other hand, something like 'My-really-nifty-mesh-node-with-lots-of-leds' could cause some mangling of web pages and irritate a fair number of people.  At least have your callsign in there and additional numbers/letters to make each node unique.  

    As for max length, punctuation, etc, these  are Internet standards so following them would be a very good idea.  I suggest something as simple as ''  for a start.

    Have fun!


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