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Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   

For the 2013 Big Bend 50 Ultra Marathon in Big Bend National Park Texas, a group of Hams went down and setup an HSMM-MeshTM network.

Visitors and spectators were not allowed at the finish line, due to the rugged back country, and all met at the Rio Grande Village Visitor's Center, over 12 miles away. To let them watch the runners cross the finish line, an IP Webcam and mesh node were setup at the finish line. A tall mountain was in the line of sight to the Visitor's center, so a relay node was placed 9.4 miles away up on Ernst Ridge. Then another node 2 miles from the ridge at the Visitor's Center, with a laptop and projector.

All gear had to be packed up and down the hill, as no vehicles were allowed. Also all equipment at the relay node and finish line were battery powered, as no generators were allowed.

With no amplifiers and only high gain antennas and stock power of 79mW, a solid connection was had, and live video streamed back to the Visitor's center.

Here is the video journal of the crew:

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