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Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   

BBHN Ubiquiti Beta Test Status Report

Our beta testing of BBHN for Ubiquiti has progressed smoothly.  We anticipate a general release on 2/1/2014 for the following devices:

  • AirGrid M2 HP
  • Bullet M2 HP
  • NanoStation Loco M2
  • Rocket M2

While this represents much of the Ubiquiti AirMax 2.4 GHz product line, we are currently evaluating whether we have the resources to expand this release to M3 & M5 devices.  Note that we will not be able to support earlier generation devices with less memory than the firmware requires (minimum 32MB/8MB).

I’d like to acknowledge the following hams who have contributed to the testing effort and have committed to sharing their experience by assisting the BBHN Core Team in providing the ham community support for these devices.

  • Andrew, KF7JOZ
  • Clint, AE5CA
  • Doug, W1DUG
  • Gordon, W2TTT
  • Leo, IZ5FSA
  • Mark, KD5RXT

You will find these guys responding to your posts in the UBNT forum.  Please join me in thanking them for their work!  

Look for an announcement on or about 2/1/14 with instructions for downloading the release!

The BBHN Core Team

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